Beginners guide to install WordPress site [step 3 & 4]

Step 3   Publishing Content
Creating a website with WordPress starts with publishing a inexperienced upright or a modern page. You may stupefaction   what is the division between posts and pages
The find is simple. WordPress posts can be categorized, tagged, archived. WordPress posts are utilized to declare time-sensitive content. In contrast, pages are mostly for static, dateless content. They don t have categories or tags. Contact us or About pages are conscientious examples of pages.

Step 3.1- Creating a New Post
To produce a fresh WordPress announce unbar the Add New portion under Posts or pick New -> Post license from the top toolbar.

You pleasure be presented with an editing cloak with an array of posting features. The first thing you be do is in a degree for your post. Secondly, member the present quiescent of your pole in the rink below. If you inadequacy to format your text, use the toolbar options. It s like to the one you can catch in MS Word or any other approved stanza editor.

At the right-hand side of the screen, you can think the supposed meta-boxes. Each case has a single function.
Publish. Here you can replace the standing and visibility of your post, catalogue it. By clicking the Publish emblem your beat volition go live. If you determine to delete the post, cram theMove to Trash button.
Categories. On this box, you can up your mast to a certain category. You can even to a afresh one by pressing the + Add New Category button.
Tags fists allows to directly annex anew tags.
Featured Image. Here you can bring a featured mirror to a post. It forcefulness be macroscopic at the very top of the appointment (image situation can be unconventional depending on theme).

Step 3.2 Creating a New Page
In grouping to form a anew WordPress page, bare the Add New province under Pages table or click New -> Page tag at the top toolbar.

Add New plague compartment has identical WYSIWYG passage editorial just like the Posts compartment has. Thus, the suit of content input and formatting is the same.

You may also advertisement that Pages dominion does not have Tags and Categories meta-boxes. Instead, it has a with called Page Attributes. In this section, you can cash the tribe of your pages and assortment forefather pages. This is serviceable if you deficiency to have several pages under one forerunner page.

Step 4 Installing WordPress Plugins
The prime plan of WordPress plugins is to extend WordPress functionality. Just by installing and activating a plugin you can total latest features to WordPress locality without any coding. There are thousands of sovereign and paid plugins built for distinct purposes: from civil mediate sharing to security. Thus, you devise definitely encounter a plugin that fits your needs.

Installing WordPress plugins is an rest assignment even for a beginner. Free and freemium plugins are hand on plugin directory. Just like themes, these can be installed by using the inbuilt WordPress installer. To inaugurate a WordPress plugin crush the Add New identification under Plugins and a the call of the plugin you requirement to position in the scrutinise field. Hit Install and then Activate button.

There are thousands of premium (paid) WordPress plugins which cannot be installed from the umpire WordPress plugin directory. If you purchased a premium plugin, you would have to manually upload it to WordPress. The trial is altogether identical to themes installation. To proceed, crush the Add New symbol under Plugins and happen Upload Plugin. Now pick a plugin archive and upload it. Finally, position and activate the plugin. If you destitution a luxurious guide, determine this tutorial

Essential WordPress Plugins
There are so many WordPress plugins it could be exacting to draw the right one. In fact, many of the plugins assist the same purpose, for example, there are dozens of WordPress caching plugins. That is why we decided to record the pick WordPress plugins that are primary for every WordPress blog.

Google XML Sitemaps. This plugin command automatically induce XML situation maps for improve examination engineer optimization. It s easygoing to use and update it regularly.
Yoast SEO. Probably the most common SEO plugin for WordPress. It direct support you help the inquiry engineer optimization. From meta tags to correspondence suggestions Yoast SEO plugin has it all.

Wordfence Security. This plugin inclination back your WordPress defended from hackers and malware. It has firewall and malware scanner modules which are sperm useful.
Contact Form 7. Simple but very omnipotent WordPress connection form plugin. Create any commerce or even convince rank forms with this plugin.

It s not recommended to clog WordPress with dozens of plugins as it can check site s performance. Keep your WordPress purified by installing only indispensable plugins and delete the ones you are not using.

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