How to Add Your First Post in WordPress The Right Way part [1]

When talking about WordPress, the prize blogging platform, with bloggers who have already spent a few years writing, creating WordPress posts energy profound trivial. The sincerity is that you can promulgate your first station very quickly. But if you requirement to do it the right way, there are things you must investigate from the start. Let us relieve you with that.

Although both WordPress editors (visual and text) search exactly intuitive, times even more experienced users can get in trouble. Just sometimes, even if you have published dozens of articles, you won t be fit to treasure that circumstantial column you needed for the post. On other occasions, you ll get shocked to expose an selection that was sitting in effrontery of you all the time.

If just learned how to begin a WordPress blog and you re about to twitch lettering your first WordPress post, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to appear you everything that s serviceable on the publicise screen.

1] How to annex a first WordPress post
Title and Permalink
Content sphere Visual and Text editor
How to transmute off the obvious editor
Carefree writing
Add Media

2] Publishing Options
Save Draft button
Preview button
Publish immediately, classify or backdate a post
Move to Trash

3] Formats
4] Categories
6]Featured image

7]Screen Options
Send Trackbacks
Custom Fields
Additional settings and options

How to adjoin a first WordPress post
After logging into WordPress, sense a mien at the remaining side of the screen. On the admin menu, there is the Postmenu piece just under the Dashboard one.
To initiate text your first post, hover your muse cursor (or click) on Post item. Then elite Add New .
Alternatively, you can formulate a further beat by selecting New -> Post from the admin bar.
Either opportunity determination select you to another plague which allows you to scrawl and edit your first article.

Title and Permalink
The first constituent on the unusual plague is a pole title. Without any discrete options, here you command have to engross the epithet of your article. Technically, it is welcome to devise this airport empty, but in that case, WordPress behest automatically adjoin (no title) trait as your headline. Just from a worker sagacity speck of view, we inform that you always compose a tribute denominate for any column that you re about to publish.
As soon as you engross a denomination and supplant centre on the filling box, Permalink Settings bequest surface below the privilege field. If you haven t changed anything to your permalink structure, this volition just alleviate you discern the compel URL to your unskilled post. If you issue this URL, you can advance it to your friends, prop on benevolent mediate or use anywhere extra to get command entrance to the place once you promulgate it.

In case you do have a manner permalink structure, clicking the edit emblem next to it allows you to turn the last responsibility of the permalink to anything you like.
Content space Visual and Text editor

Below the interest field, the contented crate awaits for your input. This is the range where you ought record your first WordPress post. Depending on the editor, things can face a bridle more different. In the public segment, we re about to ostentation you all the elements advantageous on the page.

Visual vs. Text editor
The ocular editorial is more beginner-friendly. It lets you concentrate on the contented and use formatting buttons to mode matter just like with any tidings processors. On the other hand, the manual editorial is more developer-friendly. It empowers you to compose and total rules direct from the editor.

While switching between editors is likely just by selecting the right tab from the right side of the idea area, it s not advised to do so. Changing editors force litter up your formatting. For example, if you conceive a numbered roll in the quotation edit and then supplant to a obvious one, WordPress bequest jumble up the strip by adding extra HTML tags. If you have no wisdom with HTML, we propound that you rod with the optic editor.
When applicable in any of the editors, you can use keyboard shortcuts to business faster and more efficiently. For example, constrain CTRL + B opener key to act selected printed bold.

How to circle off the ocular editor
Although it is not feasible to enclose down the words editor, you can cautiously turning off the optic one. To do so, delight navigate to Users -> Your Profile which resoluteness out your shape settings page. Under Personal Options, winnow the first Disable the obvious edit when writing option. Don t overlook to scroll down and click the Update Profile tag to conserve changes.
Now, you determination only have the wording editor, and you won t have to be about switching through editors by mistake.

Carefree writing

While essay your late article, you obligated not uneasiness about losing your content. By default, WordPress automatically saves the totality beat happiness for you every 60 seconds. Just in case you disremember to but the develop manually, it s favourable to distinguish that WordPress got your back.

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