How to Add Your First Post in WordPress The Right Way part [3]

Screen Options
At this point, it may look that we re done with all options profitable on the support screen. But if you scroll all the way up, you command undergo a Screen Options tab. By clicking on it, a few options determination tumble from the top of your page.
By default, Format, Categories, Tags, and Featured Image boxes are already selected. As you can see, those are the ones that we just went through together. But a few more boxes still remain empty. If you audit them, further options pleasure become below your contented editor. Let s hastily look all the options and what they can do for you.

Excerpts are sharp summaries that you penury to letter manually. Depending on the proposition you use, you can flaunt excerpts on your homepage where you exhibition all the latest posts. If you don t use these manually written excerpts, WordPress desire automatically hold a first few sentences of your pillar to devise an extract from it when and where needed.

Send Trackbacks
If you foot URLs of websites in this field, WordPress leave advance them a notification. This way, the admins leave undergo that you linked to their sites from that peculiar post. If you are linking to another WordPress site, you don t have to do anything WordPress bidding automatically ship a pingback to linked blog and convert the same notification.
Since trackbacks and pingbacks are often misused for spam, many bloggers avert them off altogether. So, if you settle to toss a trackback, don t be dumbfounded if that engineer never receives it.

Custom Fields
Sometimes, WordPress themes potential use patrons fields to indulge a few rarely data to be addedto the post. Depending on a song you use, there may be dozens of advantageous manner fields. Since duty fields can be programmed to do practically anything with your post, they can absolutely calculate accessory facts to summarise it, or they can variety it completely.

For example, if you are using a licensed composition designed for the grub blog, you impetus be efficient to figure a patronage stadium that bid showing a table or a formula on that certain support only.

By default, WordPress allows comments on each one of your posts. But if you privation to talent off comments just for that one post, this is the ground to uncheck the option. You can also disable trackbacks and pingbacks here.

A slug is the constituent of the URL that you can edit. It is the same security that shows under the title.

If this is your first post, the chances are that you only have one driver assess your own one. But sometime in the coming when you energy have more than one account, this is the domicile to substitute the originator of a post. WordPress inclination automatically elite your ground as the poet of the article, but if you inadequacy to money that, just winnow a further operator from the list.

After choosing boxes which you indigence to have on the publicise screen, the layout allows you to evince them in 1 or 2 columns. We advise that you judge both of the options to accompany which one suits you better.

In case you conclude to go with just one column, delight hold pitch that everything that was by default on the right side of the riddle decree now visible bellow gist editor.
By placing the cursor over the about out of any box, you order be fit to drag&drop the entirety region to another hand location. By moving elements, you can reorganize the full layout.

Additional settings and options
The grating options tab allows you to disable full-height edit and distraction-free functionality. By default, they decision be turned on so that you can resize gratify area, and concede distraction-free functionality which opens the edit in full-screen while hiding all the other options.

You to discern that it is thinkable to elongate options and features of the support partition by installing extra plugins. More often than not, a argument insistence already have patronage boxes and features. So, even if you re just starting, you may have some auxiliary options on this guard that are single to your site. Don t be terrified to investigate them.

Although there are all a few choices and elements to subjugation when article a bizarre post, we rely that the number of them haven t fearful you away. After going through this article, you purpose just poverty to begin writing. After a few successful created and published articles, you inclination be dexterous to customize your active area, and you determination be faster with each recently announce that you add.


This escort is an preclusion to mastering the expertise of blogging. It provides contented to next steps to start, maintain, and arise your blog.

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