How to Find the Post ID in WordPress

I recollect a plugin asking me for a prop ID.
I belief I was picking up WordPress entirely quickly, but this one had me stumped. I could ascertain the idiot of my post, I could uncover the URL but I had no opinion how to descry the appointment ID.

If you’ve ever had this problem, you re in luck: today, I m going to divulge you precisely where to encounter the WordPress round ID.
Now, many WordPress users don t sustain how to catch the upright ID, and they get by just fine. So why potential you compulsion to sustain it Usually, it s a condition like the one above: because a plugin asks for it. But many themes volition hope for column IDs during configuration, too.

Either way, it s a benevolent thing to difference how to do.

How to Find a Post ID in WordPress
For me, the quickest and easiest way to descry a publicize ID is done from the All Posts riddle met by logging into the WordPress dashboard and clicking Posts > All Posts.
From here, solely hover your mousy over the upright you scarcity to descry the ID for. Now, select a stare in the base left-hand branch of the screen.
See that pop-up box That contains the advertise ID.
More specifically, the publicise ID is the count that comes after the post= and before the & .

See what I mercenary in the above screenshot In this instance, my announce ID is 6706.
You can also acquisition the place ID in the WordPress editor, which you get to by clicking on the announce you want.
When done this way, the mast ID is in the invoke bar. The URL shown bequeath be strictly the same, and the support ID is again sandwiched between the post= and the &.

Both ways are really submissive to do, and it shouldn’t escort more than a few seconds to expose the assignment ID.

Page, Category, Tag, Comment, and User IDs
But it s not just posts that are assigned a tax ID plenitude that s particular to find.
Every page, category, tag, comment, and operator ID on your website inclination also have a unrivalled ID number.

You can detect these ID numbers in strictly the same way that you fix the Post ID numbers. In the case of level ID, purely click Posts > Categories from within the WordPress dashboard.
When there, acquisition and hover over the stage you want, and you ll distinguish the URL you fancy in the base split corner, same as before.

The level ID is up after category&tag_ID= and before & as seen in the riddle seize above.
Alternatively, you could click on the grade and locate the rank ID from the URL.

Final Thoughts
If you re struggling to configure a song or use a plugin because you can t treasure a publicise ID, I faith this diminutive tutorial has helped you out.
Although it s really light to do, most WordPress users won t suffer how to descry the round ID, wholly because it s so little needed. Remember how it s done, so if you are ever asked for it, you won t unused any gauge reparation it.

Do you have any questions about recovery WordPress Post IDs Fire away in the comments portion below!

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