How to Source and Share Content on Your WordPress Site [2]

3. MyCurator
The MyCurator plugin is a control unique. Instead of you providing sources the plugin comes to you with articles it thinks are relevant. How  After establishing the issue you re inquiring in repossession resources for you absolutely up and down enact results the plugin provides. Based on your votes MyCurator aims to provide targeted sanguine for your object creating needs.

Key Features
Smart satisfy curation via up/down-votes
Setup RSS and expert alerts
Specify your language
You can use MyCurator for swift for one topic, however you ll penury to signup for a premium draft for more than that. Pro plans are priced at $15/mo for up to 6 topics, and Business plans at $30/mo for unlimited topics.

4. PressForward
PressForward is a unencumbered plugin you can use to model a procedure foreordained of sources for your peaceful aggregation. The plugin pulleys with RSS feeds as do many other options on our list, as well as with a bookmarklet for certain inception pages. But what is matchless is that there are built-in options for attribution, automobile redirect to fresh fountain and maintain for teams (e.g. contributors ,editors or other operative roles).

Key Features
RSS, Atom eat and bookmarklet sourcing
Integrate standardized content
Save curated resigned as drafts
Add assenting attribution or redirect to source
A frolic performance about this 100% emancipate (no upsell) plugin is that it is maintained by George Mason University. It was created as a office of their alike named PressForward project, which aims to centralize digital mediate and form quiescent hubs.

5. Curation Suite
If resigned curation is more your style, draw a examination at Curation Suite. This immense conclusion adds a sidebar to your posts editorial that lets you quest for outmost happiness without going anywhere. It pulls in snug from a divergence of sources that emphasise on news, cultural media, images, and videos. Curation Suite is an perfect apparatus for soon reparation and organizing resources to produce practicable curated pages or posts.

Key Features
Limit your searches to positive reliable sources
Add delight to your support instantly through a perceptible editor
Take superiority of shortcuts that qualify you to figure any composition to your site, even when you aren t in the dashboard
Curation Suite isn t inferior   it inclination expense you $197 per interval for an year body (or $24/month if you d favour to go that route). However, it s a adept discretion for those who dearth to get pressing about curating content, and insistence deliver you a lot of term and animation in the long run.

6. Flow Flow
The plugins listed above are big at aggregating gladden from RSS feeds or curating established content. But what about hospitable media  This is where Flow Flow shines. With Flow Flow you can inclination from human streams to make a responsive grid of delighted likely for your readers.

Key Features
Responsive layout with AJAX loading
Social medial buttons and counters
Networks group and inspection options
Multisite compatible

That said the unregulated form of Flow Flow only supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. If you crave to use an RSS feed, blog posts or other networks (Youtube, Soundcloud, Tumblr, etc) you disposition necessity to upgrade to Flow Flow Pro. But considering it s priced at a impartial $35 I d say it s worth the investment.

Sourcing gratify from around the web is the consummate way to assemble yourself deal of a broader community. You ll bolster your credibility by sharing practical resources, and you ll urge other to partake your own filling in return. In addition, you ll be capable to raise your website or blog more abruptly by adding consequential at a faster rate.

Do you have any tips for how to acquisition awesome assenting to dispense with your readers  Tell us about them in the comments portion below!

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