The Best Web Hosts For Nigeria Websites

Before we get into the details, we inadequacy to realise what makes the better web host.

A web master determines the speed, reliability and fact of your website, so it’s considerable to estimate the right choice. So, what precisely are we looking for

1. Speed

We all separate the concern of website speed. And acceleration all begins with a expeditiously web host. A web treat ought answer within 200ms (according to Google), so stare for a guests that responds soon in your position and around the world.

2. Uptime

Uptime is a calibrate of reliability. In other words, it s the quota of future your website is online. Even an uptime of 98% can shabby your spot is down for six days of the year(!) Look for an uptime of 99.8% or higher.

3. Security

There s nothing worse than getting hacked. What would you do if you beaten all your peaceful and laborious work That s why web crowd mind is so important. A trustworthy ceremonies be have automatic updates and malware scanning. Some even expand with a swift SSL (security) certificate.

4. Backups

As an extremely conviction and balanced feature, many hosts now draw with consistent automatic backups.

5. Customer service

Ideally, your web accommodate ought have 24/7/365 buyer service. Most hosts now have rider sustain options with phone, receipt systems and online chat. Note that some hosts on extremely for a premium backstop service.

6. Storage and bandwidth

Storage refers to how much content, images and material you can stockpile on the host s servers. And bandwidth is how much figures can flood through from the server. This has an crash on anticipate and company numbers. Naturally, we fancy the highest straggle and bandwidth within reason.

7. Price

Don t always set for the cheapest webhost. It can end up causing you issues with precipitate and reliability. It may even have you back if your website starts to grow. At the same time, you don t penury to pass a fortune! Look for an affordable entertain with all the features you need.

Local Nigerian horde or catholic host

As I mentioned, you have two might choices when it comes to hosting a website in Nigeria.

Choose a indigenous guests with servers in NigeriaA indigenous throng may cater to an African audience, but they are all slower in the remainder of the world.
Choose a earthly master that covers NigeriaA terrestrial horde bidding put you piercing speeds all around the world. Large, worldly hosts may also have improve technology, patron mainstay and security.

Other considerations for nigerian web hosting

Purchasing web hosting for a Nigerian position poses two spare considerations.

Supported Payment MethodsAs many tribe do not use a in card in Nigeria (due to primeval levels of fraudulent activity), you may obligate a web guests that accepts simple heap transfer. Local hosts are more appropriate to allow this.
.NG Domain NameYou may crave a .ng domain name. Unfortunately, most worldly hosts don t go the .ng domain registration. However, you can chronicle the .ng domain with a second mob domain crowd (See the inventory of accredited registrars) and then frankly barb the nameservers to your hosting. (We all advise you do this, as it gives added bulwark ought you ever hope to movement your hosting).

Our recommendation

We applaud that you take an established, generalized host. (SiteGround is our abundance one pick). We tested all five of the largest narrow Nigerian hosts and were disappointed with the results. In fact, we embody none in our recommended hosts below.

We repeated the tests at disparate times of day and continually saw seedy results.

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