Top 20 wordpress plugin to use in 2019 part [1]

20 WordPress Plugins You Can Install Today for Easier Sharing, Better Posting, and a More Powerful Blog

There’s a saying you ll often perceive around Buffer s substance team: There s possibly a plugin for that!

We re often chasing incompetent ways to composition smarter, faster, and more productively and the same is rightful of our Buffer blog.

We re alert to grasp any and all WordPress plugins that can issue the blog an auxiliary boundary or can circuit up a fiction we d cherish to test. Whenever we fantasy something up to examine on the blog, the first site we mould is WordPress plugins. We ve collected utterly the edge of favorites. How about you?

As we ve tried and tested recently plugins on the blog, you ve apt noticed dissimilar pieces and parts popping up on our pages slideups, public apportionment buttons, CTAs, and more. We get asked entirely often about which plugins we use. So we plan we d share!
Below is the tip of plugins that ascendancy the Buffer blog, along with a handful of otherwise that are on our to-try list.

The 10 WordPress plugins we use to supercharge the Buffer blog
(A fame about WordPress plugins: They re superb great, which makes it effortless to calculate a total knob without thought of the ramifications. Here s a kind publicise from WP Engine about the weight that plugins can have on your post speed. Takeaway: Check the property of the plugins you install.

1. Scroll Triggered Box
Probably our most-asked-about plugin is the one we use for our email seize slideup. Drumroll attract it s Dreamgrow s Scroll Triggered Box.

The email attract case slides up from the underneath right-hand capture of the plague will a company scrolls down 60 percent of the page s height. If a guest closes the box, they won t know it again for 30 days. The with itself can be unconditionally customized with whatever HTML passage you want; we chose to sync it with our MailChimp list.
And all these numbers and options can be utterly customized scroll percentage, days hidden, position, width, colors, and more. You can even pick where the punch is visible, e.g. frontpage, posts,and/or pages.
Price: Free

2. Digg Digg
There are a mammoth plenty of startling plugins you can use to publicise philanthropic yield buttons on your blog post. We ve got a rooting arouse in Digg Digg.
Digg Digg was built by our Buffer engineers a conjoin years back, and it s been a staple on the Buffer blog ever since. What we ve create most profitable with Digg Digg integration is the flexibility of where you can locate the participate buttons: floating to the radical or right of the exposition (see our Open blog), pinned to the top or buttocks of a blog station (see this Buffer Social blog), or manually wherever you craving inside your theme.

(While I m knowing of it, I to notice that we re often asked about the plugin that powers our designer bio sections. Believe it or not, we don t use a plugin for that! Our dissertation designers built the bios right into the template code.)
Price: Free

3. WordPress SEO by Yoast
Many SEO experts would advocate you wrench an SEO plugin for your WordPress blog. Our go-to plugin is WordPress SEO by Yoast, which handles just about every member of SEO you could conceive of.
The most main crash of this plugin on us writers is the SEO parcel beneath every post. Here we can espouse our keyword for the post a famous tactics for staying focused on a topic and figure a duty due and description. The plugin inclination also sight you in lucid green/red document how your office stacks up based on the keyword you ve entered.

Price: Free

4. Hello Bar
You ve encouraging noticed the bright, orphanage pole welcoming you to the Buffer blog every morning. That s the Hello Bar, an portentous gear for A/B investigation dissimilar CTAs and capacity words and a moderately august gadget for collecting email addresses, too.
Via HelloBar, we manage over 400 email addresses each wee on the Buffer blog. Along with the slideup, those two sources assess for over half of our unique email signups each week.

The WordPress plugin for Hello Bar is as trifling as it comes: Simply download, install, and paste in your Hello Bar code. You can also signup for a lewd Hello Bar ground and yank the embed rules yourself. We set the plugin to be the easier way to go.
Price: Free

5. Disqus comments
One of the easiest (and prettiest) commenting systems we ve set has been Disqus. The forceful Disqus conformity pulleys right off your example WordPress setup, allowing you to influence all comments neatly and soon through the Disqus admin sector or fair from the comments compartment on your blog.
We ve proceed into a spate of elucidate spam on some of our elderly blog posts recently, and turning off comments for singular posts is as intelligible as two clicks on a drop-down menu.

Price: Free

6. Kinsta
We multitude the Buffer blog through Kinsta. We be Kinsta for their importance on velocity and performance. Plus, they re bloggers like us!
With Kinsta, we get the particular noted features of a modern-day web horde (backups, restores, automatic WordPress updates) plus outstanding rider support. They made our blog migration as languid as pie. While Kinsta s not technically a plugin, it does subjoin a little fare commodity to our WordPress sidebar, and we can abruptly curb our Kinsta cache from the dashboard.

Price: Starting at $30 per month.

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